Conference Location Frequency Leader
Urology Grand Rounds UMMC Weekly Program Director
Urology Grand Rounds JHH Monthly Chairman, JHH
Morbidity & Mortality UMMC, VA, BWMC Monthly Program Director
Morbidity & Mortality JHH Monthly Chairman, JHH
Case Conference UMMC Weekly Chief Resident, UMMC
Case Conference JHH Biweekly Chief Resident, JHH
Radiology Conference (Urologic Imaging) UMMC, VA, BWMC Biweekly Chief of GU Radiology
Radiology Conference (Urologic Imaging) JHH Weekly Chief of Radiology, JHH
GU UMMC Weekly Head of the GU
Oncology/Multidisciplinary Conference - - Multidisciplinary Clinic, UMMC
Pediatric Urology JHH Weekly Chief of Pediatric Urology, JHH
Transplant Donor Conference UMMC Monthly Head of Renal Transplantation, UMMC
Pathology Conference UMMC Monthly Chief of GU Pathology, UMMC
Journal Club UMMC Weekly Urology Program Director
Journal Club JHH Weekly Chief Resident, JHH
Research Journal Club UMMC Semi-Annually Research
Research Conferences UMMC Quarterly Research Director, UMMC