Evaluation and Feedback

Written feedback from the faculty and proven case performance are supplied to the residents during personal semiannual meetings with the Program Director. Residents are required to take the American Board of Nuclear Medicine In-Service Training Examination yearly. Anonymous written feedback on the program and the faculty is solicited from the residents semi-annually.

Physics and Radiobiology

These courses are taught by the imaging physics faculty in the department on a continuing basis and comprehensively reviewed in the year in which the resident is to take the written boards.

Salary, Benefits and Vacation

Residents in all University of Maryland programs receive a standard stipend based on their post graduate year and a standard set of benefits. Read more details on the GME site.

Attendance at society meetings and postgraduate courses is supported financially up to $2,000 in the second year of the program. Up to $2,000 may be used for the purchase of books in lieu of this meeting support. Additional funds are available in any year for presentation of research papers that are submitted for publication in a juried journal. The department also pays costs associated with the in-service examinations.

Detailed information about benefits and requirements associated with fellowship at UMMC is available through the Office of Graduate Medical Education.