Here at the University of Maryland Department of Neurosurgery, resident training is enriched through three tenets of success that guide this program.

  • Patient Care: Residents learn early to deliver the highest level of medical and neurosurgical care to our patients, many from our sickest and most vulnerable populations. Our residents treat Baltimore and beyond.
  • Academic Excellence: Resident-led research across all realms of neurosurgery and clinical neuroscience is fostered and supported through faculty mentorship and collaboration.
  • Training the Future: Residents educate their patients and peers, lead didactic conferences, guide patient care discussions, and collaborate with faculty to make emergent and elective clinical decisions. Our graduates leave ready to lead their teams.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Neurosurgical Training

Diversity fuels excellence and innovation. Different experiences, perspectives, and skill sets enhance our collective ability to address complex neurosurgical problems. Our residency program strives to educate the next generation of neurosurgeons who are prepared to address the multifaceted needs of diverse populations. Thus, our program actively seeks different and unique perspectives and team members to empower the work of the department and propel the field of neurosurgery forward.