All interviews for the 2025 Match will be conducted virtually.

We will consider ERAS signals only when inviting applicants for interview as part of our holistic application review. Sending a signal does not guarantee an interview, nor will lack of a signal rule out an interview being offered. Signals will NOT be used for rank list decision-making.

Factors Important in Reviewing Your Application

We look at many factors as we perform a holistic review of your application.

Clinical Performance

We value your clinical performance in medical school, particularly evaluations from your medicine clerkship, sub-internship and electives.

Collaborative Spirit

One of the greatest strengths of our program is the camaraderie of our residents. We seek individuals who are collaborative in working with others and have demonstrated empathy in their care of patients.

Service and Giving to Others

Service to community and institution as well as boarder experiences, such as AmeriCorps and international work are important factors.

Commitment to DEI and Social Justice

Living in Baltimore affords us the opportunity to care for patients from underserved communities. We value applicants committed to social justice, equity and inclusion, and who enrich our program with their diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Agreement to Not Record Your Virtual Interview

By accepting an interview at the University of Maryland, you agree not to record any part of your interview day. We will similarly not record any portion of your interview day.

Interviewing for Preliminary Internal Medicine

Interviewing for Categorical and ABIM Research Pathway Residents

Communicating About the Status of Your Application

Upon reviewing your application, you will either be offered an interview, placed on hold or not offered an interview.

Our first set of invitations will be sent out on October 7 at around 2 pm EST. Subsequent invitations will be sent on a rolling basis throughout the season. We will continue to review applications until December 16, 2024.

  • All invitations will be sent between 12 noon and 5 pm EST.
  • If offered an interview, you will receive an email via Thalamus to schedule.
  • We only invite for the number of available interview slots.
  • Order of invitations is not indicative of candidacy.
  • You have 48 hours to respond to the invitation without concern of losing your interview. If you respond after 48 hours, you will be placed on a wait list. We are usually able to schedule everyone who receives an invitation.

2024 Interview Dates

October November December

October 15

(Maryland medical students only)

November 5 December 3
October 17 November 7 December 5
October 22 November 12 December 10
October 24 November 14 December 12
October 29 November 19 December 17
October 31 November 21 December 19

November 25

Getting Ready for Your Interview

  • We will send you an email the week before with our interview day schedule and Zoom instructions.
  • We share your name, medical school and email address with our residents so they can reach out to applicants from their alma mater before your interview day. So don't be surprised if they contact you to say hello!
  • Be sure your equipment is ready to go. Check out the tips from the AAMC for virtual interviewing.

Your Virtual Visit Schedule

Your interview day will start at 9 am EST. We do not have a virtual get together the night before, but you will have ample opportunity to meet with our residents, chief residents and program leadership and ask questions through a series of breakout rooms.

Research Pathway applicants will also have four or five additional interviews with Fellowship leadership and research faculty the week of your Internal Medicine interview day. A member of the Medicine Education office will reach out separately to schedule those interviews.

Before Your Interview

Review web site and videos

Your Interview Day

9 am Applicant check-in
9:05–10 am Interview day overview
9:10–9:20 am Welcome by Dr. Danielle Baek, Program Director
9:20–9:22 am Brief transition
9:25–10:45 am

Series of four breakout rooms to meet with:
- Program director
- Chief residents
- Rising chief residents and residents

10:45–11 am Break
11–11:25 am

Half the candidates have a faculty interview

Half can watch tour of Baltimore video or enjoy a break

11:25–11:30 am Brief transition
11:30–11:55 am

Half the candidates have a faculty interview

Half can watch tour of Baltimore video or enjoy a break

11:55 am–12 pm Brief transition
12–1 pm Noon conference with residents, led by chief residents
1–1:10 pm Meeting with Education leadership
1:10 pm Farewell

After Your Interview

  • You will receive a packet of materials about our program, contact information of the Chief Residents and residents you met that day and a list of our resident ambassadors.
  • No need to send a "routine" thank you note or email. We are unable to respond to these notes. We welcome your correspondence if you have specific questions about our program.

Interviewing for Preliminary Applicants

Communicating About the Status of Your Application

The first wave of invitations will be sent out around November 18th with more invitations sent on a rolling basis throughout the season.

  • Invitations are usually sent between 12 noon and 5 pm EST.
  • We only send out invitations for the number of open interview slots.
  • The order of invitations is not indicative of your candidacy.
  • You will be notified of the final status of your application by the end of November.

Interview Scheduling for Preliminary Applicants

All interviews are conducted virtually in December and January.

  • Your time commitment is a 20-minute interview with the program director or an associate program director.
  • Interviews are granted through a web-based platform (NOT through ERAS or Thalamus).
  • Your interview will focus on your long-term interests, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions about our program.
  • Please browse our Preliminary Intern page to learn more about our curriculum. You will also receive an email prior to your interview with additional information about our program.

Maryland medical students applying for preliminary positions will have a one-hour Zoom session on Friday, October 18.


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