General Surgery residents enrolled for the 2023-2024 academic year.University of Maryland General Surgery Residency Program, 2023-2024.

Chief Residents PGY5 (2024)

Senior Residents PGY4 (2025)

Wessam Hassanein

Wessam Hassanein, MD

Portrait of Ace St. John, MD

Ace St. John, MD

Portrait of Jackie Zhang, MD

Jackie Zhang, MD

Surgical Admitting Officers PGY3 (2026)

Research Residents (2027-2028)

Cassandra Cairns headshot

Cassandra Cairns, MD

Ifeanyi Chinedozi headshot

Ifeanyi Chinedozi, MD

Laura Hobbs headshot

Laura Hobbs, MD

Mary Lin headshot

Mary Lin, MD

Leah Sukri headshot

Leah Sukri, MD

Junior Residents PGY2 (2029)

Sameer Bengali headshot

Sameer Bengali, MD

Kereen Constant

Kereen Constant, MD

Marwah Hawsawi,

Marwah Hawsai, MD

Alessandro Paro

Alessandro Paro, MD

Mohammad Qrareya

Mohammad Qrareya, MD

Amy VanderStoep

Amy VanderStoep, MD

Ashling Zhang

Ashling Zhang, MD

Interns PGY1 (2030)

Brigitte Anderson

Brigitte Anderson, MD

Joseph Calpin

Joseph Calpin, MD

Rachael Belcher

Rachael Belcher, MD

Liban Dinka

Liban Dinka, MD

Nikki Ducich

Nikki Ducich, MD

Joel Grunhut

Joel Grunhut, MD

Francisco Torres

Francisco Torres, MD

Andrea Ferrer Melendez

Andrea Ferrer Melendez, MD

Shreya Singireddy

Shreya Singireddy, MD

Samen Kehedy

Samen Kehedy, MD

Kayla Davis

Kayla Davis, MD

Jaimie Fan

Jaimie Fan, MD

Hanna Jia

Hanna Jia, MD

Jason Kozarek

Jason Kozarek, MD

Kimanthi Gicovi

Kimanthi Gicovi, MD

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