For the 2023 ERAS Application Cycle, we will be conducting our interviews 100% virtually with no in person interview dates. We are following the recommendations from the Association of Program Directors in Surgery.

7 Year Categorical Residency

  • 5 years clinical
  • 2 years required research (between PGY2-PGY3 Clinical years)

ACGME ID 4402321128

  1. Applications will only be accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).**Applications submitted via e-mail will not be considered*
  2. The Residency Selection Committee will not review your application until it is complete.
  3. A complete application includes the following: a. Medical School transcript
    b. CV
    c. 3 letters of recommendation
    d. Personal statement
    e. Board Score
    1. Only require STEP 1 scores during application process
  4. The Program will send communications to applicants via the ERAS system as applications are reviewed.


We will not consider any NEW application after October 31. Any applications submitted after this date will be rejected.


Formal interviews are conducted once a month from November-January.

There is a Meet & Greet Event held the evening prior for all candidates. This is normally held from 6-9 PM at a location near to the hospital. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand from some of the residents currently in the training program.

On the interview day, candidate will participate in our weekly Departmental Educational conference starting at 6:30 AM. The conferences include our Morbidity & Mortality as well as our Grand Rounds Conference. Following, each candidate will be interviewed by members of the Surgical faculty, including the Program Director, Divisional Chair, and the Departmental Chairman. Finally, each applicant will be given an in-depth tour of the Hospital Facilities with current residents concluded with a lunch-in.

Applicants can expect the day to end around 3 PM.

Foreign Graduates

Applicants with a J-1 visa may apply to our preliminary track.

All graduates of foreign medical schools must have current certification by the Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates. All foreign graduates who require visa sponsorship must meet all requirements of the ECFMG to be able to secure a J-1 Visa prior to starting residency. Apply online with the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) only.