Class of 2022

Graduates of the University of Maryland General Surgery Residency Program go on to obtain fellowship spots and employment at elite institutions. Review the recent history of graduates' next moves upon completing their residency at the University of Maryland.

2022 Graduates

  • Brittany Aicher: Brigham & Women's, Vascular Surgery
  • Catherine Calvert: Indiana University, Plastic Surgery
  • Laura DiChiacchio: University of Utah, Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Rami Kantar: New York University, Plastic Surgery
  • David Morales: University of North Carolina, Vascular Surgery
  • Nicole Shockcor: Emory, Transplant Surgery

2021 Graduates

  • Bryan Buckingham: Mount Sinai New York, Colorectal
  • Greg Conway: University of Maryland, Vascular Surgery
  • Jessica Felton: St. Louis University, Colorectal
  • Chelsea Harris: Johns Hopkins University, Plastic Surgery
  • Christine Kariya: University of Vermont, Vascular Surgery
  • Phil Wasicek: University of Pittsburgh, Plastic Surgery

2020 Graduates

  • Arielle Cimeno: Emory, Transplant Surgery Fellowship
  • Charles Drucker: University of Maryland, Vascular Surgery Fellowship
  • Bryce Haac: Mt. Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt, Colorectal
  • Ali Khalifeh: Mayo Clinic, Vascular Surgery Fellowship
  • Christopher Laird: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Pediatric Critical Care
  • Natalie O'Neill: University of Alabama, Pediatric Surgery Fellowship

2019 Graduates

  • Lindsay Hessler: University of Wisconsin, Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
  • Emily Reardon: Duke University, Vascular Surgery Fellowship
  • Noah Saad: UT San Antonio, Plastic Surgery Fellowship
  • Christine Schad: University of Washington in St. Louis, Colorectal Fellowship
  • Max Seaton: University of Miami, Surgical Oncology Fellowship
  • Mehmet Uluer: University of Pittsburgh, Plastic Surgery Fellowship

2018 Graduates

  • Sarwat Ahmad: University of Pittsburgh, Surgical Oncology Fellowship
  • Sia Dahi: University of Maryland, Thoracic Surgery Fellowship
  • Natasha Hansraj: Baylor-Houston, Vascular Surgery Fellowship
  • Natalia Kubicki: Indiana University, Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
  • Charlotte Kvasnovsky: Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Pediatric Surgery Research
  • Eric Wise: University of Minnesota, Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
  • Jhade Woodall: University of Colorado, Plastic Surgery Fellowship