Nurse Practitioner Student Rotation

Come Train with the Best!

Study trauma care, learn leadership
Nurse Practitioners from around the country are drawn to the Shock Trauma center for clinical rotations due to its unique position as the only free-standing trauma hospital in the world. The center sees more trauma patients than any other hospital in the United States, admitting approximately 8,000 injured patients yearly.

Clinical rotations are available with:

  • Trauma Admitting Teams
  • Trauma Neurosurgery
  • Acute Pain Management Services
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Injury/Infection Surgery
  • Emergency General Surgery
  • Infectious Disease
  • Trauma Critical Care
  • Trauma Orthopaedics

Nurse Practitioner student rotations should be made in conjunction with a Nurse Practitioner training program. Contact our Education Coordinator, Brooke Andersen, MS, CRNP, at to further explore training opportunities. We primarily offer Nurse Practitioner student rotation for Acute/Critical Care NP students. We can occasionally place primary care NP students with our orthopaedics team or acute pain management team.

We have a limited ability to provide rotations for Physician Assistant students. We typically accept Physician Assistant students who have significant healthcare experience and are comfortable having Nurse Practitioners as preceptors for part of their rotation.

Current Nurse Practitioners who wish to further their training through a rotation at Shock Trauma should directly contact Amy Borth, MS, CRNP, the Senior Clinical NP/PA Program Manager. These rotations are typically strictly observational due to credentialing requirements.

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