The Center for Critical Care and Trauma Education (CCCTE) simulation center was designed for teaching the management of the most critically injured patients who require the most advanced, cutting-edge initial trauma resuscitation and trauma critical care to survive.

The center is located within The R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

With a blend of simulation technologies, professional actors, a cadaver lab and 4 simulation labs that perfectly mimic the flow of the patient experience through Shock Trauma, our professional development training focuses on the continuum of trauma patient care (not limited to):

  • Initial trauma management, mass casualty response, speed and accuracy of care delivered, interdisciplinary teamwork and communication, and consultation for trauma center development and process discovery in the simulated Trauma Resuscitation Unit (TRU)
  • Procedure training on damage control laparotomies and thoracotomies for trauma surgeons and their operating room teams, problem solving for trauma anesthesiologists, and high risk, low frequency events like power outages and operating room fire response in the simulated OR
  • Resuscitation prevention, trauma critical care patient management for multi-trauma, neuro-trauma, ECMO patients, Advanced Pulmonary Illness Management, ENLS
  • Post-anesthesia care, family interaction, patient documentation and discharge in the simulated PACU
  • Critical incident debriefing for difficult events

In order to support such a robust curriculum, a very specific array of trauma focused simulation technologies has been selected:

  • Laerdal SimMan 3G
  • Gaumard HAL 3201
  • Prytime Medical REBOA Trainer
  • Ingmar ASL 5000 Lung Simulator
  • Operative Experience Surgical Trainers
  • SonoSim Ultrasound Trainers
  • 7 Sigma Airway Trainers
  • CAE Blue Phantom Central Access Trainers

In 2019 CCCTE will support complete medical technology integration and data capture and EMR integration to support a wide range of research efforts.