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You can help someone — or even yourself — get a kidney or liver transplant faster with a living donor transplant champion.

While you may not be able to donate your kidney or part of your liver, as a living donor champion, you can still help save a life. 

What Is a Living Donor Transplant Champion?

Living donor champions can speed up the transplantation process — and their loved one’s journey back to health — by helping to find a living donor for a kidney transplant or liver transplant

Finding a living kidney or liver donor is a journey no one needs to take alone.  Living donor champions bring hope and healing to a loved one, giving the gift of a longer, healthier life.

Fact: People with a living donor get kidney or liver transplants faster and generally have great outcomes.

How to Become a Liver or Kidney Transplant Champion

Download University of Maryland Medical Center’s Living Donor Transplant Champion Guide to learn what a living donor champion does and why it is important.  The guide:

  • Gives insight into the living donor transplant process
  • Provides strategies to get the word out, using:
    • Social media
    • Online platforms
    • Face-to-face networking
  • Offers tips on how to talk to potential donors

Get started saving a life now!

Download the Living Donor Transplant Champion Guide