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Specialists in the Liver Center understand the complexity of liver disease and how to help patients get the treatments they need – whether for hepatitis C, cancer, or liver failure.

As an integral part of the UMMC Liver Transplant Program, our team manages patients who require liver transplantation, and collaborate with experts across the hospital to ensure you get the best care possible.

Patient Information

Patients at the University of Maryland Liver Center benefit from a broad team of experts who spend their careers studying and improving treatments for all forms of liver disease. Diseases of the liver are complex and require extensive medical knowledge about how to best treat not only the liver but also other systems and organs a diseased liver might cause in other parts of the body. By working as a team to discuss each patient's plan of care, physicians within the Liver Center can pool their knowledge and experience to guide patients down the best possible treatment plan for their specific illness.

Once an appointment is scheduled, patients will meet with a physician who specializes in their underlying disease, such as Hepatitis C, liver cancer, NASH, etc. The physician will then review the patient's case with other experts from across the Liver Center to determine the best plan for treating the disease now and anticipating the patient's medical needs in the future.