Learn more about considerations for becoming a living kidney donor or living liver donor.

The donation experience can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. Most donors feel very good about their decision to donate because they have helped to save or improve the life of another individual. However, the decision to donate a kidney or portion of your liver is one to be taken seriously. Anyone considering donation should consider the following information in their decision making process and are encouraged to discuss their decision with people close to them.

When donating to a family member, it is often helpful to discuss the decision with someone outside of the family, such as a close friend or co-worker, who may be able to provide an objective perspective. Nurse Coordinators and a Living Donor Social Worker are also available to answer questions that potential donors may have to help them with their decision making process.

In addition to considering the medical aspects of donation, individuals are strongly encouraged to consider the following information in making their decision to donate.