On January 20, 2011, I had a triple hernia repaired laparoscopically by Dr. Patricia Turner. I have to say the care both my wife and I were given by the entire staff was fantastic.

My wife and I don’t live in Baltimore; we live in a small town 75 miles west of the city and don’t know our way around. From the preoperative visit to the surgery, every person we dealt with from the administrative staff (person in lobby telling me where to go in such a large facility and the check-in staff the day of the surgery), nurses (both preop and PACU) and doctors were professional and took the time to answer all my questions.

The day of the surgery, we had to be at the hospital for 12 hours, and the staff helped my wife find places to eat and helped get her internet access so she could keep our family members up-to-date on the surgery’s progress.

The hospital should be proud that they have such high-quality staff members that made an uncomfortable day tolerable.

Thank you,
David Barrow