My name is Carol O'Master, and I am patient of Dr. Douglas Turner. Two years ago, I had some blood work done that was slightly off, including some thyroid labs. This led me to be evaluated by an endocrinologist. After a fine needle aspiration of the left thyroid that showed it to be benign, I noticed that there was still enlargement of the nodule and that my dysphagia (difficulty or painful swallowing) continued.

My endocrinologist referred me to Dr. Douglas Turner, an endocrine and general surgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center. (Dr. Turner is also an associate professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine). The referral to Dr. Turner was based on his excellent reputation, the number of surgeries that he had performed, and the working relationship he had with my endocrinologist.

Even before I met Dr. Turner, I was impressed with the staff in his clinic at the Digestive Health Center. They were very friendly, courteous, and respectful. All of this was important to me because I am a registered nurse and work in a physician's office, so when I go to a doctor's office I have certain expectations of the office, the staff, and the physician in terms of patient care.

I met with Dr. Turner not too longer after my paperwork and vital signs were completed. One word can sum up my thoughts on Dr. Turner: IMPRESSIVE! I was just overwhelmed by his thorough evaluation, his friendly manner and his knowledge of his trade. Dr. Turner sat down with my husband and me and answered all of our questions. He was comfortable, and was not trying to rush us out the door. Dr. Turner was confident, not cocky, in his assessment and skills; had he been cocky, I would have left and found another surgeon. I knew I was in the right hands. His office staff scheduled me for a pre-op appointment, and I was also impressed with the level of service of the Prep Center. I was scheduled to have a left thyroid lobectomy and isthmusectomy.

Dr. Turner personally called me before my surgery to review some pathology reports and labs that he had received earlier that day, and to discuss the surgery again. The morning of the surgery, Dr. Turner saw me before I was taken into the operating room. He also sat with my family and explained everything that was happening; he did not rush them and answered all of their questions.

My care at the University of Maryland Medical Center met, if not exceeded, all of my expectations. I had a recent post-operative appointment, and everything about Dr. Turner and the staff was the same - top notch. I have to say that I am amazed by the scar on my throat. It looks like a plastic surgeon operated on me. Overall, I glad that my endocrinologist referred me to Dr. Turner and the University of Maryland Medical Center. I am happy with the level of care that I received, and would definitely refer anyone with an endocrine condition to Dr. Turner.

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