Photo of Sheila Wilson A few years ago, I had surgery at another facility in my home state of West Virginia. After that procedure, I started having symptoms related to my stomach and esophagus. I saw my local gastroenterologist, and he recommended that I see a surgical specialist at one of two places: the University of Maryland Medical Center or West Virginia University Medical Center. WVU is about an hour drive from my house, however something told me in my head to call UMMC and make the three-hour drive to Baltimore; I am so glad that I made the call to UMMC.

I called the General Surgery office and they were able to get me an appointment within a week of my call. As a person who works in the medical field, I have certain expectations from physicians as well as their staff. I was very impressed with the courtesy shown to patients at UMMC.

My procedure was on June 12th, and I was admitted afterwards for two days. During my time in the hospital, the staff stopped up to check on me, and they continued to show their compassion and care not only to me, but also to my husband who was there each day.  There were two nurses, Michelle and Roslyn, on the unit (5 Weinberg) where I was admitted that went above and beyond to make my stay and made my husband's stay as comfortable as possible.

I cannot say enough good things about the level of care that I received. I have never been treated so well at any hospital ever, and UMMC definitely is a main reason why I'm doing so much better today. Should I need medical care again, I would definitely make the three-hour drive back to Baltimore in a flash to go to UMMC. My experience with the staff and everyone that was involved in my care at UMMC leads me to say that I have finally found a hospital that knows how to treat patients.

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