Benjamin Neustein showing students how to perform intubation on a simulation mannequin

Benjamin Neustein, Trauma Simulation Lab Manager, showing students how to perform intubation on the simulation mannequin.

The Center for Injury Prevention and Policy (CIPP) hosted over 1,300 high school students from all over the country throughout the summer for an interactive Minds of the Future Program.

They were taught hands-on Stop the Bleed training, experienced simulation lab, and anatomy lab. Narcan education was provided by the Baltimore City Health Department, Infinite Legacy education on organ donation by Infinite Legacy staff, and ThinkFirst concussion education. The students also toured Shock Trauma and the UMB medical campus.

This summer program would not have been possible without the collaboration between the School of Medicine and Shock Trauma staff, we thank you all for continuing to support our student education programs.

If you're interested in the Shock Trauma Minds of the Future Student Program, please complete the request form