Pharmacy technician at computer

University of Maryland Medical Center's five convenient outpatient pharmacy locations offer expert care and quick service to our patients, employees and the general public.

Each customer has the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions with one of our experienced pharmacists. We can provide interpretation services if you are deaf or hearing impaired or English is not your primary language.

Pharmacy Services

Our retail pharmacy customers receive:

  • Refills via our automated telephone system or by speaking to a pharmacy representative
  • Auto-refills with a call or text to let you know when it is ready for pick-up
  • Reminders by text and telephone that let you know when your prescription is ready
  • New prescriptions filled by dropping off in person or sent as an electronic prescription by your doctor

See our nearby pharmacy locations and hours.

Drug Disposal

Our DEA-registered drug take-back bins are a safe, convenient, responsible way for you to dispose of unwanted or expired medications.

Prescription Pick Up Kiosk for UMMS Employees

Services for UMMS Employees

UMMC Pharmacy locations are especially convenient for all UMMS employees, since we accept all major insurances. Those with health insurance through UMMS will save on copayments.

Script Center is available to all employees to avoid the lines and pick up through an automated kiosk at the UMMC Weinberg Downtown Campus Pharmacy. The employees that use the machine also get an automatic text message when the prescription is ready for pick-up.

Specialty Pharmacy

UMMC Pharmacy at Linthicum provides personalized and comprehensive care for patients who need specialized medications for a range of conditions. Read more about our Specialty Pharmacy.

Bedside Delivery

When being discharged from UMMC Downtown or Midtown Campus or UM Capital Region, patients can access our bedside delivery program, a convenient, free service that brings the medications you'll need at home directly to your hospital room. 

How to Fill Prescriptions at UMMC Pharmacies


To get a prescription refilled, simply call us. If you have your prescription number you can use our automated system. If not one of our pharmacy representatives will be happy to help.

Transfer a Prescription

To transfer a prescription from another pharmacy, simply call the UMMC location of your choice. Be sure to have the other pharmacy's name and phone as well as the medication and dosage or prescription number.

Fax and Electronic Prescriptions

Your provider can send a paperless prescription directly to one of our locations electronically. Physicians can also fax in new prescriptions. See our locations for the pharmacy's name and contact information.

Drop Off

Come directly to the drop-off window at any of our locations. At most locations prescriptions are ready in 20 minutes. UMMS employees can use the drop boxes at the Downtown Weinberg and Midtown locations to drop off prescriptions without waiting in line.

Concerns or Complaints

If you have any concerns or complaints regarding service, you may call or contact us via email at