An appropriately selected and refined pharmaceutical care model will shape the patient-centered services. The care will be delivered by pharmacy staff members who provide and accept responsibility for the product-related and clinical activities that compose the pharmaceutical care model.

The product-related activities will be technology-based and technician-led. The product-related activities will be supported by systems designed to promote efficiency and ensure patient safety.

The clinical component of the pharmaceutical care model will be supported by specialized clinical practitioners. These specialized practitioners will accomplish this by maintaining a high level of clinical acumen through their practices, by developing clinical systems, and by infusing both into the pharmaceutical care model.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the University of Maryland Medical Center Department of Pharmacy is to:

  • Ensure safe and evidence based drug therapy to patients
  • Provide excellence in the education and training of pharmacy professionals and promote the growth and development of pharmacy personnel
  • Conduct and collaborate with medication research to improve quality of life
  • Utilize technology to facilitate safe and efficient use of medications for patients, improve staff satisfaction, and enhance clinical practice

Vision Statement

The Vision of the University of Maryland Medical Center Department of Pharmacy is to be:

  • A national leader in quality, service and patient care
  • Internationally recognized for pharmacy education and training
  • Renowned for research discoveries to improve clinical care and patient outcomes

Values/Guiding Principles

The Values and Guiding Principles of the University of Maryland Medical Center Department of Pharmacy are:

  • Accountability: To hold ourselves and those around us accountable for actions and outcomes.
  • Adaptability: To adapt and evolve with the changes in healthcare.
  • Appearance: To respect our personal appearance, work environment and all areas visible to patients and customers.
  • Diversity and inclusion: To practice cultural competence
  • Excellence: To work at the highest level of performance, with a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Innovation: To continuously discover progressive methods to advance pharmacy services
  • Integrity: To act with honesty, fairness, and principle.
  • Patient-centered care: To focus all activities on improving patient care.
  • Respect: To recognize the dignity of every person.
  • People: To engage employees to be healthcare leaders by staff recruitment, satisfaction, retention and ongoing leadership development.
  • Safety: Continuously improve patient safety. To provide the safest care anywhere, maintain positive healthcare environments and employment conditions, and become a recognized leader in achieving optimal patient care outcomes.
  • Stewardship: Manage operating expenses to maintain and expand services.
  • Teamwork: Work together within and beyond our discipline.

Pharmacy Locations

Photo of a person adding a label to prescription

The University of Maryland Medical System has three outpatient pharmacies:

The Weinberg Pharmacy

Located on the first floor of the Medical Center beside the elevators in the main lobby.

Hours: Open 24/7

The University Pharmacy on Redwood Street

11 South Paca Street
Baltimore, MD 21201


  • Monday through Friday - 8 am to 6:30 pm
  • Closed on Weekends

UMMS Pharmacy Services

920 Elkridge Landing Road
Linthicum, MD 21090


  • Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm
  • Closed weekends and holidays

Satellite work areas operate each evening until 10:00 PM; however, Central Pharmacy is open 24 hours of every day per year.

For patient inquiries or to make an appointment, please call 1-800-492-5538.