PET/MRI is a hybrid technology that combines imaging from PET (positron emission tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). This advanced diagnostic technology fuses the strengths of both imaging types into one piece of equipment. 

PET uses radioactive tracers that are absorbed by tissues and organs that have high levels of cellular activity. High levels of cellular activity may indicate a cancer or other abnormality. The MRI pinpoints the exact location of the uptake of tracer and the increased metabolic activity. 

In a PET/MRI, highly detailed MRI images are superimposed with the functional imaging of the PET to create radiological images that pinpoint exact locations in the body where an abnormality or disease occurs. 

Benefits of PET/MRI

  • One appointment is needed for the PET/MR scan. Prior to this hybrid machine, two appointments were required since two separate scanners were used.
  • The use of MRI reduces the amount of ionizing radiation that patients receive when using the alternative PET/CT method.
  • In some cases PET/MRI is more sensitive than PET/CT in detecting abnormalities. 

PET/MRI Location

As an academic medical center, UMMC brings the newest and most innovative technology to the people of Maryland. As of 2020, this imaging technology is only available in Maryland at University of Maryland Medical Center. Currently the PET/MRI is located at:

University of Maryland Health Sciences Research Facility III
670 W Baltimore St, 
Baltimore, MD 21201

To schedule, call 667-214-1571