Advanced Medical Imaging

More than 100 years since the invention of the X-ray, medical imaging continues to revolutionize the field of medicine by bringing healing through innovation.

By allowing doctors to visualize body parts and organs in great detail, medical imaging makes diagnosis more accurate and less invasive, and treatment more targeted and effective.

At the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, our team of clinical specialists and researchers foster these advances by emphasizing clinical research and investing in the latest technology.

At the same time, we are dedicated to providing a patient experience that is comfortable and convenient. We thoughtfully plan and implement state-of-the-art imaging technology to provide our patients the best care possible.

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UMMC Medical Imaging Services

We see patients of all ages. Our two Baltimore locations provide a range of services, including:

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is used to detect disease or injuries. This includes more common imaging, like X-rays and mammograms, as well as specialized tests, including the virtual colonoscopy and heart scans. Learn more about diagnostic imaging tests available at the UMMC.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is used in diagnosing and treating cancer; many conditions affecting the bones, heart, kidneys and lungs; and neurological disorders.

Interventional Radiology

In these minimally invasive procedures, doctors use imaging technology to guide them during procedures for conditions ranging from cancer to stroke. Interventional radiology is used for both treatment and diagnosis.

Medical Imaging at UMMC

Founded around the turn of the twentieth century, our department is one of the oldest in the country. Throughout our history, we have trained the majority of radiologists practicing in the state of Maryland while providing our patients and their referring physicians the highest quality of imaging diagnostics and interventional therapeutics.

Our residency and fellowship training programs are highly competitive and are structured around well-thought-out sub-specialized curricula. We emphasize biomedical imaging research and innovations within University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Advanced Imaging Research to support our academic missions.

Academic Mission at UMMC