Photo of Douglas Martin and his wife

CABG Surgery Patient Climbs Mountain After Heart Surgery

Before his heart surgery, Douglas Martin of Westminster, Maryland, could barely walk up his driveway without losing his breath. But just three months after having robot-assisted triple bypass at UMMC to repair three blocked arteries, Martin successfully climbed to the summit of Diamond Head on Mount Leahi, one of the roughest hiking trails in Hawaii. Read more about his experience below.

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Photo of Garry Clarke

Coronary Artery Bypass Patient Has New Lease on Life

Garry Clarke knew there was something wrong a few months before his surgery at the University of Maryland's Heart and Vascular Center. After his physician performed a catheterization, they saw that Garry's aortic valve had degenerated and that one of his arteries was almost entirely blocked.
Staff at the University of Maryland Medical Center did allow Garry to leave the hospital - he needed emergency surgery.

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Photo of Richard Stansbury with one of his 20 Clydesdales

Clydesdale Farmer Back on His Tractor Two Weeks After Robotic Heart Bypass Surgery

Richard Stansbury was going about his usual chores on his farm in Mount Airy, Maryland with no idea of the cardiac emergency that lay ahead. 

Richard's daughter, Catherine, shares his remarkable story here