Heart Screenings

Heart screenings are like a checkup for your heart.

They are a way for our doctors to catch any heart trouble early on, when it’s easiest to treat.

Many heart conditions have no symptoms, or symptoms that you can mistake for something else, so heart disease can remain undiagnosed for years.

Screenings are a simple and painless way to detect heart disease so you can get the treatment you need.

Who Should Get Heart Screenings?

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Our heart specialists can help you decide which heart screenings you should get and at what age you should start. To plan your screening schedule, we will take many factors into account, including your age, health and family history of heart disease.

Some general guidelines for heart screenings:

  • Cholesterol: Adults age 25 and older should get screened
  • Diabetes: Screenings should begin in your 20s
  • High blood pressure: Screenings should begin in your 20s

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