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Queens Court is a group for postpartum women to connect, share experiences, learn about wellness and disease prevention, as well as discover community resources to facilitate good health for themselves and their families. This program is an extension of prenatal care, with the goal of producing better outcomes for women beyond childbirth, up to one year after delivery.

Groups will meet weekly for 8 weeks at a time virtually via video conference. Three 8-week sessions will be held in 2020-2021 and a private link will be sent to participants through a private text message. Next cycle of group meetings is to take place May 5th – June 23rd on Wednesdays from 12pm-1pm.

See the full schedule.

To register, please email us and a welcome gift package will be mailed 5-7 days after completed registration forms are received.


  • Bring awareness to the healthcare and wellness needs of women in the postpartum period up to one year after delivery
  • Connect postpartum women with a support network of providers, resources and peers to address those needs
  • Empower postpartum women to create a community built on shared experiences


All women who received prenatal care at University Family Medicine and/or bring their baby to UFM for pediatric care are eligible to participate up to 1 year after child's birth.

Queens Court will offer social support during this critical time after childbirth. Participants will get to know one another and build relationships with women in similar circumstances. A multi-disciplinary team of physicians, counselors, and community organizations will provide educational material about wellness during the postpartum period and highlight available resources to assist in their journey. There will also be opportunities for participants to become peer mentors and help lead group discussions. Prizes and free gifts will be regularly distributed.


If you would like to be a guest speaker, know a useful resource that would benefit the Queens Court or have a question please contact us at 667-214-1800 or email QueensCourt@som.umaryland.edu.

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