Located in downtown Baltimore, University of Maryland Medical Center’s (UMMC) emergency department offers comprehensive, 24/7 care to all patients for a wide array of conditions.

Our team — consisting of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, case managers, social workers and substance abuse counselors — is specially trained to provide compassionate, immediate, lifesaving care at a critical time.

We are fully equipped to handle all types of emergency medical situations, from illnesses and injuries to major medical emergencies like heart attack and stroke. UMMC's adult emergency room features 34 private exam rooms; a fast track for low complexity conditions; and advanced radiological equipment for procedures such as a CT scan, an MRI and ultrasounds. 

The R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at UMMC, the nation's first and only integrated trauma hospital, is dedicated to treating the critically sick and severely injured. Our Comprehensive Stroke Center is recognized as among the best in the nation for stroke treatment. 

As a statewide resource with access to all medical and surgical specialties and critical care inpatient units, the emergency department provides initial assessment and stabilization of acute patients from both the local community and patients transferred from outlying areas.

Getting Here: ER Location and Directions

For more information about the UMMC adult emergency room, call 410-328-9595.

What to Expect at the ER: Our priority is to treat each person in our emergency rooms as fully, safely and quickly as possible. We see patients based on how serious their conditions are. Patients are not seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more about what to expect at the ER.

Pediatric ER

Located next to the adult emergency room, our pediatric emergency room is exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of infants, children and teenagers. It is staffed by a team of pediatricians, nurses, child life specialists and others who are specially trained to treat sick or injured children.

Psychiatric ER

Our Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) program is available 24/7 on a walk-in basis to help people to access to mental health and addiction recovery resources.

Sexual Assault

For people aged 22 and older who have been sexually assaulted, we coordinate care in our adult emergency room with nearby sexual assault forensic nurse examiners. This team works in a private manner to ensure that patients' needs are addressed, as they document injuries, collect potential evidence and make recommendations for care and support. Preventative medications for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy will be offered, and patients have access to mental health care 24/7. 

The Sexual Abuse and Rape Assessment Center in our pediatric emergency room is for children, adolescents and young adults ages 21 and under suspected of having been sexually abused or assaulted. Staff is specially trained to help children and families receive the support, treatment and education they need. 

Visitor Information

To keep patients, staff and the community safe, UMMC has visitor restrictions for both inpatient and outpatient care. See our visiting hours and rules. 

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