A premiere center for both diagnostic and therapeutic endosonography, the Endoscopic Ultrasonography Program provides timely service, accompanied by excellent communication with referring physicians. Clinical investigation and research trials, done by the team, result in advances in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases and disorders.

Major Clinical Services

  • Staging of mucosal cancer (GI tract)
  • Staging of pancreatic and biliary tract cancer (non-metastatic)
  • Staging of lung cancer
  • Pancreatic masses (solid or cystic)
  • Intraluminal drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts or necrosis
  • Evaluation of Subepithelial masses
  • Evaluation of Mediastinal masses
  • Evaluation of cystic pancreatic lesions
  • Evaluation of other intrathoracic or intra-abdominal abnormalities

Endoscopic Ultrasonography Clinical Faculty/Physicians

IBD Research and Clinical Trials

Person touching an image of a stomach
The University of Maryland Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Research Program is a national leader in clinical research.