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To achieve weight loss after bariatric surgery, you have to fully participate in your recovery. Your new, healthy lifestyle is worth it, but the journey is intense with many changes along the way.

To make your life the best it can be, you need to:

  • Deal with changes that may often be difficult
  • Take time daily to reflect on your new self and your new feelings about food
  • Get some physical activity or exercise for about 30 minutes each day

We'll be with you every step of the way. From follow-up care to yearly check-ins, we'll make sure you have the support to success after bariatric surgery.

Our registered dietitian offers insight about who is most successful after bariatric surgery. 

Breaking Bad Habits After Bariatric Surgery

Transforming those old behaviors into a new, healthy lifestyle can cause anxiety, friction and pain. Keep in mind:

  • Your weight loss surgery is about your physical transformation.
  • You will have a new stomach pouch that helps you feel full with just two to three ounces of food.
  • Your transformation is about a new you that you support by learning and practicing the skills and behaviors of a healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, our patients have told us that:

  • Food commercials on TV often trigger old behaviors that must be overcome.
  • They know that no matter how appealing the ads are, fried foods are off the menu, soft drinks are forbidden, and junk food is no longer a choice.
  • Many miss coffee and pastry breaks with friends, or the times they took extra helpings or ate a second dinner just because the food tasted good.

Our weight loss surgery support group can help you deal with these feelings.

Body Contouring Surgery

After weight loss from bariatric surgery, many patients will have excess skin. For comfort and cosmetic reasons, patients may choose to undergo body contouring surgery. Using minimally invasive techniques, plastic surgeons from the University of Maryland Medical Center  can perform buttocks, breast and body lifts to reduce the excess skin.

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