Shock Trauma team pushing a stretcher from the helicopter on the helipad

The University of Maryland Medical Center is a referral center for the region's most critically ill patients. At the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, the world's first center dedicated to saving the lives of people with life-threatening injuries, the trauma staff treat more than 7,500 patients who arrive by helicopter or ambulance each year.

UMMC is a leader in critical care, dedicating nearly a third of hospital beds to it. Critical care units serve patients in neurotrauma, cardiac care, lung rescue, thoracic surgery, and other areas. Three of these units hold the Beacon Award for Excellence, the nation's most prestigious critical care award.

UMMC has one of the largest organ transplant centers in the nation, developing and performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. The Downtown Campus is also home to the University of Maryland Children's Hospital, a U.S. News best children's hospital for cardiology and heart surgery.

At the Midtown Campus, the Center for Addiction Medicine is one of the highest-level Opioid Response Centers in Baltimore City. The Midtown campus is also home to the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology, a program nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association with a robust Diabetes Prevention Program certified by the Center for Disease Control.

Other centers of excellence include:

UMMC is a U.S. News top 50 hospital for programs in Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT). UMMC ranks high performing in cancer, gastroenterology & GI surgery, orthopedics, pulmonology & lung surgery, and urology.

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