Watch George enjoy life again thanks to bariatric surgery at UM Upper Chesapeake Health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has required some changes in how we offer care while continuing to provide the best medical treatment in the safest environment possible. Rest assured that the compassion and quality of our care remains the same, and that your health and safety continue to be our number one priorities.

Take Control of Your Life Again

Obesity is a far more complex disease than most people think. Many factors can cause excess weight gain and complicate your ability to lose weight and keep it off. The University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery Program offers a supportive, safe program to guide you through this permanent lifestyle change.

When traditional approaches to weight loss cannot adequately solve the problem, our program may help. Our bariatric surgeons and specialists guide you through a patient-focused and compassionate plan with an approach that combines surgery, physical activity, mental health and nutritional counseling for long-term success. And there is never a separate program fee.

Learn more about surgery options and our patients who took on this challenge:

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