Steps to Becoming a UM UCH Volunteer:

All forms can be sent via email to, or mail/ drop off to:  UM Upper Chesapeake Health, Volunteer Services Office, 500 Upper Chesapeake Drive, Bel Air, MD 21014.  Call us at 443-643-1725 for any questions. The volunteer process usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the return of vaccine information.  Thank you for volunteering!

  1. The Volunteer Application, Information Packet, Health Clearance and Placement Form captures a little more detail on the prospective volunteer, including some vaccine requirements, parental consent if under 18, background check expectations and confidentiality agreement.  Information on uniform/dress code, attendance, parking, training, etc. are included as well. Junior Volunteers require parental consent
  2. Once we received your application packet and placement form, a background check is performed.  You will be contacted for a remote interview (We use WebEx).  It’s helpful to have a completed the placement form before the interview.  This is a great opportunity to meet you and understand what you want out of your volunteer experience.
  3. The Volunteer Safety Handbook is an important safety overview for working in a hospital or healthcare setting.  Volunteers should review it and take the quiz to test your knowledge.
  4. Vaccinations are an important part of the process (see forms in Step 1).  If you need to see our Occupational Health office for updates to your vaccine status, they will be free of charge. Note there are standard times for volunteer walk-ins noted in the application packet. If you need an appointment outside of those hours, please call UM UCH Occupational Health at 443-643-3428.  Once all documents are received, you are eligible to volunteer.
  5. You will need to send us a headshot for your badge and you will be fitted for a uniform polo shirt or vest at the Volunteer Office in Bel Air.
  6. Generally speaking, you can schedule your volunteer hours on the same day of the week and time slot, but we can be flexible.  We also have other projects that don’t demand 4 hours a week, so make sure when you talk to us, you make your preferences known.
  7. We want you to love volunteering, so if the first assignment isn’t what you hoped for, we have plenty of other options!  Thank you so much for your time and talent!