The University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health Volunteer Services Association (UM UCH VSA) awards scholarships annually to high school seniors pursuing higher education in the field of Medicine including nursing, medical school, pharmacy, imaging or physical therapy, etc. The scholarship money is applied to the tuition of the academic year the student begins their chosen program.

Eligibility is based on the following:

  • Academic performance and college preparatory courses taken
  • Extracurricular activities, part-time work, and community involvement
  • Special circumstances
  • Pursuit of studies toward a degree in the field of medicine
  • Volunteer service at a hospital, nursing home, or agency
  • Recommendation from a personal reference.

Financial need will be considered but is not mandatory. Applicants selected will be required to meet with our Scholarship committee for a personal interview.

Application Process

Applications are accepted from March 1 through mid-April, every spring.Applications are provided to the local high school guidance counselors who submit the final applications on behalf of the students. The packet needs to include the application, a paragraph indicating the student's healthcare profession interest, high school transcript with first semester senior grades, GPA for past seven semesters and a letter of recommendation.

If you have any questions regarding our scholarship program, please direct correspondence to:

UM UCH Volunteer Office
c/o Scholarship Committee
500 Upper Chesapeake Drive
Bel Air, MD 21014