You're — understandably — tired. Your body feels different. Things are different since the baby came.

At UM St. Joseph, we understand how life-changing newborns are and how important it is that new moms take especially good care of themselves.

We have the experts and resources to help you find the support and advice you need to stay strong and well.

St. Joe's Knows... to keep mom healthy

After the birth of your baby, your body is on a rollercoaster, both physically and emotionally. This moment in your life is precious, exhilarating and maybe a little scary. 

Certified Nurse-Midwife Lauren Arrington gives best-bet tips to keep new moms healthy as their bodies readjust to the new normal. 

...all about your body's changes after childbirth

Join Certified Nurse-Midwife Lauren Arrington for expert health information to help you bounce back after baby and become your best "you" for yourself, your baby and your loved ones.

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