Congratulations! You just had a baby! But now what? St. Joe's knows that you may have questions about newborn care and safety.

These videos provide guidance on some important "firsts" to  keep your baby safe and healthy.

St. Joe's Knows... to give baby's first bath

Splish, splash, it's baby's first bath... 

Registered Nurse Becky Redding provides a "dry run" of baby's first bath to help new parents feel confident and prepared for this important task. 

Newborns don't need daily baths, only every two to three days. to protect your preemie

Premature babies need lots of TLC to keep them safe and thriving.

Because they have compromised immune systems, you need to take extra precautions. 

Join Registered NICU Nurse Kim Nunn for expert advice about keeping your tiny bundle of joy safe and sound. to keep baby safe in car rides

Car seat know-how is crucial for your child's safety.

Join Registered Nurse Julie Siejack, a certified child passenger safety technician, for instructions on how to make your baby's rides safe and snug from the get-go.

Learn how to be sure that your car seat fits both your baby and your car.

...all about safe sleep for your baby

As a new parent, you'll rest easy knowing the safest sleep practices for your newborn. 

Join Certified Nurse Practitioner Susan Brown as she explains how to provide a safe sleep environment for your little one — and peace of mind for you.

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