It's not easy to tell when your baby is sick or to know what to do when it happens.

At UM St. Joseph, we understand that new parents need advice on what to do when you're worried that something may not be right.

These videos from our experts will help you recognize illness in your newborn.

St. Joe's Knows...

 ...when to call the pediatrician

Is your newborn sick or just fussy? Sometimes, it's hard to know...and, at UM St. Joseph, we're here to help.

Registered Nurse Angie Sniffen offers guidance to help new parents understand what symptoms should be evaluated by a doctor when their child is a newborn, as well as what warrants a call to the pediatrician as they grow older.

...when to go to the ER

For a new parent (or even an experienced one), it can be hard to gauge how serious symptoms are and when you should take your child to the emergency room. At UM St. Joseph, we're here to help.

Registered Nurse Angie Sniffen explains some of the signs and symptoms that, when parents see them, signal it's time to head to the emergency department.

...when to go to after-hours pediatric care

At UM St. Joseph, we're here when you need us most. That includes when your regular pediatrician's office is closed!

Join Registered Nurse Laura Ford of our Pediatrics After-Hours Emergency Care program as she provides helpful information about St. Joseph's pediatric urgent care services that are offered through our Emergency Department.

...all about jaundice in newborns

Jaundice is not uncommon in newborns and is very treatable with expert care and attention.

Join Maternal Newborn Nurse Amy Woytowitz as she explains the condition and how we identify and treat newborn jaundice at UM St. Joseph.

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