"Where there is great love, there are always miracles" – Willa Cather

Real patients, real miracles.

Our patients share their personal stories of hope and healing at UM St. Joseph Medical Center.

Watch an introductory clip and discover a bit of what they have to say.

Thomas B. Smyth, MD

The president and CEO of UM St. Joseph Medical Center, Thomas B. Smyth, MD, most definitely knows what it is like from the ‘other side of the bed.’ In July 2007, Smyth found that he was suddenly too weak to hold on to a bar of soap in the shower. While this would be a strange experience for anyone, as a physician, Smyth knew that “something was seriously wrong."

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Tracy Knox

Teresa “Tracy” Knox had a secret ambition to audition for the hit TV series, “The Voice”, but it was one of those things she just kept putting off. But on September 22, 2011, two days before her 45th birthday, Tracy’s busy life took a drastic turn.

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Meghan Ray Virro

Meghan Ray Virro

As a past employee of UM St. Joseph Medical Center, Meghan knew she would be in good hands at the medical center after she became pregnant with her first child in 2013. What she didn’t know was just how expert and loving those “hands” would need to be.

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Chris Tremblay

Chris Tremblay

“The extraordinary team at St. Joe’s not only saved my life but they permanently changed it.” – Chris Tremblay

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Jae Abate

Jae Abate

Jae Abate's life was in critical danger when she was brought to the Emergency Department with a virulent case of the H1N1 virus.

"It is a miracle that so many people came together so perfectly and so compassionately to save the life of a single person." – Jae Abate

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Skip Harclerode

skip harclerod wife icu team

In gratitude for his life being saved at UM St. Joseph Medical Center, Jacksonville resident Skip Harclerode and his wife, Judy, are giving back.

“There is such an atmosphere of faith and love at St. Joe’s that complements the science, it is our blessing to be able to support their work. ” – Skip Harclerode

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