University of Maryland Shore Regional Health's outpatient palliative care program is offered by expert physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and social workers. The outpatient team works with each patient in tandem with family members and loved ones, primary care physicians and other medical professionals to manage his or her illness in an outpatient setting.

Our team's mission is to support patients and their families as they navigate treatment:

  • Assist in treatment and assist in illness management
  • Assist patients and families in coping with serious advanced illnesses
  • Assist with complicated decision making regarding treatment options
  • Help plan for future care (advance care planning)
  • Provide needed education about their disease process and treatment options.

The Palliative Care Consult

Anyone who has questions about what it means to live with a serious health condition can benefit from a palliative care consult. Primary care providers and specialists can make a referral for a Palliative Care consult; patients may also self-refer for a consult.

A few examples of health conditions that a palliative care consult can be beneficial include:

  • Treatment and illness management for chronic and serious health conditions
  • Coping with the debilitating effects of serious and chronic health conditions
  • Pain and symptom management when they are difficult to control

How Palliative Care is Delivered

A patient is eligible for palliative care as soon as he or she is informed of a serious or chronic health condition. Palliative care team members help patients and their loved ones process new information and get answers to questions and concerns.

Palliative Care can be provided at any stage of a serious health condition, but it is often beneficial to have a consultation when first diagnosed. Patients may receive curative and other medical interventions along with palliative care support. The team works closely with patients' primary care providers and any specialists involved in their treatment to provide comprehensive care.

More Information

For an outpatient palliative care consultation, please contact: