UM Shore Population Health Team

The Population Health Team at UM Shore Regional Health wants to help people live their best lives. 

The team works with doctors and nurses to understand and address the biggest health issues that affect Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot counties. 

The team: 

  • Checks people for diabetes and high blood pressure 
  • Holds events to teach useful health and wellness practices 
  • Creates programs to address health concerns that affect the community
  • Coordinates follow-up care for patients leaving the hospital

They partner with health departments, local government, residential care communities, senior centers and other organizations to develop programs and services that:

  • Reduce hospital visits and readmissions
  • Promote wellness and healthy behavior change 
  • Help patients get more involved in their medical care
  • Prevent complications that result from chronic disease, like diabetes and heart disease

Learn More About Our Programs

Read more about what the Population Health team offers and how to contact them: