If you have questions about hepatitis C symptoms, treatment options and the cure, watch our Facebook Live with hepatitis c specialist Dr. Eleanor Wilson.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes liver inflammation and over time can lead to liver failure. It spreads when blood from someone infected with Hepatitis C enters the body of someone who is not infected. This can occur when sharing needles, syringes or other equipment to inject drugs. It's also possible to contract Hepatitis C by sharing personal care items (razors, toothbrushes) that have touched an infected person's blood or by having sexual contact with an infected person.

Through the THRIVE Program, people with chronic Hepatitis C have access to the following care:

  • Hepatitis specialty care
  • Noninvasive liver disease testing
    • FibroScan ultrasound for liver stiffness
    • On-site lab
  • Antiviral medication prescriptions, management
  • Assistance with insurance authorizations for medication

The program also provides care for Hepatitis C patients living with HIV, incorporating their HIV specialist into all treatment plans.

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