The University of Maryland Center for Infectious Diseases routinely collaborates with primary care and referring providers, inpatient medical teams and community-based or medical organizations involved in patients' care. When referring a patient to the center, please remember to include relevant primary care and specialist notes, hospital discharge summaries, radiology reports, laboratory reports and microbiology data.

In addition, referring physicians can stay informed of their patient's care through PortfolioMD, the University of Maryland Medical System's secure web portal connecting providers to Epic Portfolio. This allows providers to:

  • Receive real-time notifications on PortfolioMD when a patient under their care is treated at a participating UMMS-affiliated hospital or practice
  • Access patient information and clinical data in real time
  • Communicate securely with UMMS providers

To request access, please call the main clinic number at 410-225-8369


The center participates with most third party payers, including Medicaid and Medicare. Center coordinators work with physicians and their staff members on any required referrals or authorizations prior to appointments.

Contact Us

To schedule an HIV or Hepatitis C appointment, call the main clinic number at 410-225-8369.

To schedule a consultation for any other infectious disease, call 410-328-9102.

To speak to the HIV Prevention team for more information or to make an appointment, call 443-386-1746.

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