Nurse Education

Candidates should apply to positions titled - New Graduate Nurse Residency Program via New Graduate Nurse Residency Program Job Openings or view the Job Openings.

Key search terms: - "New Grad" "Registered Nurse"

Recruitment Window

  1. Winter (Recruitment November & December)
  2. Spring (Recruitment December- February)
  3. Summer (Recruitment March-June)
  4. Fall (Recruitment July-September)

Requirements for Applicants

  • Current BLS certification required
  • Have less than 12 months of clinical nursing experience
  • Has graduated from an accredited nursing program, successfully passed the NCLEX exam
  • Have graduated from an accredited nursing school and is in the process of taking the state licensure exam
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing preferred

Hiring Commitment

After completion of the year-long Nurse Residency Program, residents are required to work full-time for an additional year, for a total of 2 years at University of Maryland Capital Region Health.

Important Program Dates

The Newly Licensed Nurse Residency Program is held in January, March, July, and October of each year.

Cohort Start Dates 2022

New Graduate Nurse Boot Camp Dates

Cohort 18 Winter

January 3rd

January 11th- 21st

Cohort 19 Spring

March 14th

March 22nd - April 1st

Cohort 20 Summer

July 11th

July 19th - 29th

Cohort 21 Fall

October 10th

October 18th - 28th