Nurse Education

Newly Licensed Nurse Residency Program (NLNRP)

The University of Maryland Capital Region Health (UMCAP) is a member of the Maryland Organization of Nurse Leaders, Inc./Maryland Nurse Residency Collaborative that offers a formal, evidence-based structured program based on guidelines and recommendations of Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ model and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN).  The NLNRP consists of 12 seminars that occur over the first year.

The NLNRP facilitates the transition of a newly licensed nurse (NLN) or new graduate nurse (NG) into competent professionals in the clinical setting.

Benefits include:

  • A variety of didactic and clinical experiences that helps develop and emphasize critical thinking, leadership, professional skills, quality outcomes, and nursing scholarship.
  • An extensive one-year program that features a series of learning that develops clinical leadership skills necessary to become a successful member of the health care team.
  • Cohorts of new-to-practice nurses meet monthly to focus on enhancing critical thinking, clinical reasoning skills, and the application of evidence-based practice principles to improve patient outcomes.

UMCAP Nurse Residency program has been established to provide a strong foundation for your nursing career. In fact, many graduates of the program are now charge nurses, nurse educators, preceptors, team leads, and clinical managers. 

University of Maryland New Graduate Nurse Boot Camp (NGNBC)

The NGNBC is a robust 2-week program that consists of didactic and hands-on experiences that helps build the NLN or NG’s confidence in performing foundational skills and improves their ability to communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals. It also helps to develop leadership and critical thinking skills through case studies, simulations, and interactive games. Through the NGNBC, the NLN or NG can experience an array of patient care experiences without the pressure of having a patient assignment. During the two-week boot camp, there is a variety of clinical rotations throughout the hospital with the interdisciplinary health care team. 

Benefits of Newly Licensed Nurse Residency Program

  • Standardized training plan for each specialty area
  • Monthly educational seminars with fellow nurses
  • Check-ins during the first year
  • Rounding to address immediate needs and concerns
  • Elsevier Online Learning modules and Transition to Practice Program Modules

For specific Nurse Residency Program questions please email or call 240-677-1142.