Our board-certified team of specialists routinely sees patients that continue to have problems with previous fractures.

Specialized Care

For patients who need specialized care for a problem fracture, we offer:

  • Outpatient evaluation and care
  • Second opinions
  • Corrective surgery

Caring for Complex Fractures

Orthopedic trauma injuries require specialized care. Unfortunately, post-surgical infection, improper bone healing, soft tissue problems, arthritis and poor wound healing are common, even with excellent initial care.

Our problem fracture team is dedicated to the treatment of these complex issues.

Our physicians are highly experienced in caring for post-surgical issues that can develop months or years after the time of the original injury.

Conditions We Treat

  • Fractures that did not heal (non-unions)
  • Fractures that healed in poor position (mal-unions)
  • Fractures that healed with the limb short (limb length discrepancy)
  • Post-surgical infections and bone infections (osteomyelitis)
  • Arthritis after a fracture — a common occurrence when fractures involve a joint

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