Physician examining patient's elbow

Elbow pain can be caused by a variety of problems that can cause consistent pain and make daily activities difficult. 

Treatment can include occupational or physical therapy and surgery. Our specialists can diagnose and treat many different elbow conditions.

Causes of Elbow Pain

  • Arthritis is inflammation of the elbow joint. Elbow arthritis is often treated through lifestyle changes and physical therapy. Learn more about elbow arthritis.
  • Elbow contracture occurs when your elbow is stiff. When this affects your ability to perform normal daily tasks, you may need surgery to release pressure on the nerves. Learn more about elbow contracture release.
  • Tendonitis is inflammation and injury to the tendons — the soft tissues in your elbow that attach muscle to bone. This can be treated through rest, hot and cold treatment, over-the-counter pain medicines, or splinting.
  • Tennis elbow is in the elbow on the outside of your arm. This can happen because of sports activities and repeated actions not necessarily related to tennis. Learn more about our approaches to treating tennis elbow.
  • Thrower's elbow is pain that starts at the elbow and extends into the forearm that is caused by sports or activities that require repeated throwing actions. Learn more about how we treat thrower's elbow.

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Patients have access to a full range of care for elbow conditions and benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to elbow disorder treatments.

Our affiliated occupational and physical therapists are specially trained in rehabilitation of the elbow.

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