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The Cancer Center at UM Capital Region Health provides proven, comprehensive, advanced care services in the diagnosis and treatment of common and rare cancers.

With compassion and a focus on personalized care, our specialists will:

  • Perform the necessary diagnostic tests to look for cancer (and see how far it has spread)
  • Carefully explain your diagnosis and next steps
  • Develop a treatment plan for your specific needs

In comprehensively diagnosing and treating a wide range of cancers, we address the needs and preferences that are most important along each patient's journey — access, convenience and seamless coordination of care.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic

Our multidisciplinary cancer clinic meets your healthcare needs in one visit — at one convenient location — with your comfort, privacy and safety in mind.

Our collaborative approach eases your cancer journey, providing support and reducing time spent away from work, family and other aspects of your daily life. We eliminate long waits between a cancer diagnosis and treatment. We encourage you to actively participate in decision-making and treatment planning.

The multidisciplinary clinic’s cancer care team — made up of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and other experts — ensures that every patient receives exceptional, personalized care. By involving experts from different branches of cancer care, we give you the most complete care and determine the best treatment.

Often, patients diagnosed with cancer must see multiple specialists for care. Exams and consultations take place in comfortable private rooms that make you feel at home.

Contact Us

To learn more about the services available at our location, schedule an appointment for make a referral, call us at 240-677-8300.