The Vascular Center at UM BWMC provides initial and invasive diagnostic testing as well as minimally invasive endovascular treatments. The Center has consultation exam rooms and a noninvasive vascular laboratory. Our specialists also have access to two endovascular suites.

Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory

The James R. Walker Vascular Laboratory provides ultrasound scans that are painless and risk free. These tests identify the vascular disorder and appropriate treatment.

Physicians from all specialties also use the Vascular Center lab to evaluate their patients. Tests from our vascular lab will be available to your physician within 24 hours.

Endovascular Suites

There are two suites where vascular surgeons perform arteriograms, venograms, angioplasty and other minimally-invasive procedures. Physicians use a robotic imaging system to treat a variety of vascular services including peripheral vascular disease, aneurysmal disease and cerebrovascular disease.

For more information or to make an appointment with the Vascular Center at UM BWMC, call 410-553-8300.