Thank you for reading the latest issue of Maryland’s Health Matters! At UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center, we are committed to giving you and your family the information you need to live healthfully. Use the links below to explore some of our news, events, services and teams that were mentioned in our magazine:

May 2018 EditionMaryland's Health Matters Spring 2018

A Family Approach to Pediatric Care (page 4)

UM BWMC is proud to be the first hospital in Maryland to launch CenteringParenting®. CenteringParenting is a pediatric care program that brings six to eight moms, partners, support people and their same-age infants together to meet with trusted health care providers and other parents who are experiencing similar things at the same time. Learn more about CenteringParenting.

Are You at Risk for Kidney Stones? (page 4)

While kidney stones can happen to anyone, there are certain factors that increase your risk of developing them. Luckily UM BWMC’s urologists offer comprehensive treatment options using the latest technology. Learn more about kidney stones.

Tate Cancer Center’s Survivors Day Celebration (page 5)

The Tate Cancer Center at UM BWMC will host its annual Cancer Survivors Day event for current and former patients, families and caregivers on Wednesday, June 6. The event will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. on the side parking lot adjacent to the Tate Cancer Center. RSVP here or call 410-553-8264.

Cover Story: Fighting Back Against Peripheral Artery Disease (pages 6-8)

Peripheral artery disease is a vascular condition that can cause painful symptoms in your legs and prevent you from walking long distances or doing the things you love. Watch Dr. Mariano Arosemena as he explains more about PAD and how it’s treated:


Relief from Low Back Pain (page 9)

low back pain

The Spine and Neuroscience Center at UM BWMC offers individualized treatment plans for individuals who suffer from low back pain. All beneficial treatments are considered before surgical options are explored. Know what to expect as a patient.

Healing the Hearts of Maryland (pages 10-12)

Meet three patients who are living life to the fullest after treatment at the University of Maryland Heart and Vascular Center. Learn more about UMMC's Heart and Vascular Center. Watch a video to learn more about heart patient John Wise’s amazing recovery.

Be Heart Smart (page 13)

Watch our Heart Smart videos featuring the nurses and physicians of UM BWMC’s cardiac care units:

News and Events (pages 18-19)

UM BWMC hosts programs, classes and health fairs for the entire family. View our online calendar of events, or choose from the list below of featured events:

BWELL Seminar Series: Get a Leg Up on Vascular Disease (page 19)vascular seminar

Join UM BWMC vascular surgeon Mariano Arosemena, MD, and nurse practitioner Theresa DeVeaux, ACNP, as they discuss how issues such as peripheral artery disease (PAD) can be diagnosed and corrected. If your daily activities have been reduced because of leg pain, this seminar is for you. A question and answer session will follow. It will be held Wednesday, May 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the Dr. Constantine Padussis Conference Center, 3rd floor, UM BWMC.

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