All full fellowship positions are ACGME accredited without exception. No positions are offered outside the match process. Ranking of candidates who interview for the fellowship positions is based on a cumulative scoring system and influenced by the candidate's demonstrated clinical and academic accomplishments including work done before and after residency as relevant. Candidates with the strongest residency and clinical evaluations and strongest history of research productivity including publication are most competitive.

Short-Term Visiting Fellowships

Occasional short-term "visiting fellowships" are offered to surgeons wishing to spend short periods of time with us as observers to become acquainted with our overall philosophy to patient care. Physicians participating in these programs are typically internationally based and sponsored by their home institution or a specific foundation. Such short-term visiting fellowships are typically less than 4 weeks in duration. They necessarily involve no direct patient care responsibilities or any physical patient contact. Short-term visiting fellows may not scrub or otherwise participate in surgical procedures or patient care.

The short-term visiting fellowship application requires submission of a letter of interest as well as a CV. Letters of recommendation from three surgeons familiar with the candidate's work should be included. Fellows are responsible for all costs associated with the proposed fellowship including travel, housing and meals. All necessary materials should be sent via e-mail to Earlene Thomas.