Advances in Instructional Technology

Training Stations

Dedicated training stations provide numerous methodologies and resources for skills training by allowing individuals to choose the methods best suited to their personal learning styles. Training stations simulate the position of the human torso and placement and use of surgical instruments. These stations will increase the trainees' proficiency with specialized instruments and prepare them for the operating room. Practice at the skills stations also familiarizes residents with the difficulties of interpreting three-dimensional visual cues from a two-dimensional display.

Video Library

Video files of laparoscopic procedures are available for training.

Virtual Reality Tools for Training

The Center uses virtual reality technology in the training curriculum for residents and fellows. The training module incorporates three-dimensional techniques and high powered video projection system to add realism to simulated environments. The users wear comfortable, lightweight goggles and experience the sensation of being part of the computer-generated world. Researchers at the Center are constantly developing operating room scenarios and training exercises to be added to the existing curriculum.

Haptic Feedback

The value of the three-dimensional world is enhanced greatly if one can sense contact with objects encountered and optimally differentiate consistencies and surfaces. Researchers at the Center have incorporated computer programs and equipment, which together constitute a haptic feedback system, to develop a virtual touch training station.