MIS Laparoscopy Fellowship

There is both a one year clinical fellowship and a two year MIS Laparoscopy Fellowship. The two year fellowship is comprised of a research year followed by a clinical year. The research year is comprised of engaging in ongoing research, developing and implementing new projects (85%) and (15%) in educational activities. The clinical fellowship includes flexible endoscopy (10%), basic laparoscopy (30%) and advanced laparoscopy (60%). with time apportioned as follows: 75% clinical work, 15% research, and 10% educational activities.

  • Start date: July 1st End date: June 30th

For the two year fellowships, the first year Research Fellows will become proficient in clinical research, assist with the continuation of ongoing MIS research projects, and assist with the development of new research in basic science studies, clinical studies, and/or advanced engineering and robotics projects that are conducted in a multi-disciplinary fashion in the MIS center. They will become knowledgeable of all aspects of research management, from inception to funding acquisition and management. Clinical Fellows will gain experience with a broad range of advanced laparoscopic skills, including procedures spanning the GI tract, solid organ surgery, inguinal and ventral herniorrhaphy, bariatrics, and live donor nephrectomies. Research opportunities, including clinical studies, basic science, and involvement in projects within our MIS Education Group and MIS/Biomedical Engineering/Robotics Group, will be available.

MIS Research Fellowship

This fellowship is a one year research fellowship with emphasis on bio-medical engineering and robotics technology as applied to minimally invasive surgery.