Dr. Hiroku

Hiroko Beck, MD, FACC, FHRS
Clinical Electrophysiology Fellow, 2011-2013

Current Location: Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology at State University of New York at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY.

My training in clinical cardiac electrophysiology at University of Maryland prepared me to be an independent clinical electrophysiologist in the vigorous and, at times, competitive environment where I took a position as an academic electrophysiologist, working with experienced private electrophysiologists. My skills, judgment, and confidence were firmly built upon my time with my attendings, colleagues, and staff through a wide range of clinical encounters and cases.

My attendings at UMMC encouraged my autonomy from day one. The hospital offered opportunities to experience various patient populations including pediatric patients and cases. These were not only basic electrophysiology studies, SVT ablations, atrial fibrillation ablations, device implantations and programming, but included more complex procedures such as ischemic and non ischemic VT ablations, PVC ablations guided by state-of-the-art 3D mapping systems and Laser lead extractions. My experience through these cases and patient encounters with my attendings was the key to my successful transition to my junior attendingship.

I consider my UMMC attendings as my family. They were always there for me and supported my growth in learning guidelines and key publications, writing and research, mastering procedural skills, critical thinking on complex clinical scenarios for decision makings, and developing my confidence. Through weekly didactic sessions, invasive experiences with high volumes of consultations and clinic patients, my clinical acumen in electrophysiology was sharpened. I was also appreciative for their support for individual research. Without our attendings’ encouragement and guidance, my research experience and publications would not have been furthered.

In addition to academic experiences, they were also supportive of maintaining personal life and made sure I had enough time to recuperate when we had busy schedules.

Looking back seven years ago when I left UMMC at the end of fellowship, I felt like I was leaving my family to move onto my new path. I was more than ready for this transition thanks to my time at UMMC. Seven years later, I still know my fundamental knowledge and skills were built through this fellowship. If I were to do a fellowship all over again, I have no doubt in saying that I love to do it at UMMC with my attendings.

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