Critical Care Fellowship Clinical Session

The mentorship and comprehensive clinical training offered by University of Maryland Medical Center's (UMMC) nine-month Nurse Practitioner (NP) Critical Care Fellowship prepare you to expertly treat patients for complex, life-threatening conditions across various intensive care specialties.

Our Mission

We seek to provide structured educational and training experiences that emphasize advanced clinical decision-making in the care management of a broad range of critically ill patients. Our curriculum is designed to promote the professional growth of novice nurse practitioners, improving their transition into the clinical practice setting.

Critical Care Fellowship Curriculum

The UMMC Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Fellowship includes didactic education (e.g., simulation-based learning, lectures, case studies, image review, and professional development activities) and preceptor-led clinical rotations for direct patient care experience. Fellows can earn over 90 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) through weekly lecture series and critical care courses.

Clinical rotations take place in various critical care settings, including the:

  • Neuro-critical care unit
  • Medical intensive care unit
  • Surgical intensive care unit
  • Trauma intensive care unit
  • Cardiac surgery intensive care unit
  • Critical care resuscitation unit
  • Neuro-trauma intensive care unit
  • Acute emergency surgery service
  • Soft tissue surgical service
  • Cardiology service
  • Stroke neurology service

Procedures performed by fellows include, but are not limited to:

  • Central line insertion
  • Arterial line insertion
  • Bedside ultrasound for hemodynamic assessment
  • Bronchoscopy for airway evaluation
  • Thoracentesis
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Pulmonary artery catheter insertion
  • Chest tube insertion

Critical Care Fellowship Goals

  • Enhance the clinical knowledge, skill set and clinical expertise of advanced practice provider learners in order to provide safe, high-quality and evidence-based care to critically ill adults
  • Improve confidence and competency of novice nurse practitioners in performing and providing therapeutic interventions
  • Cultivate well-rounded providers, leaders and valued resources within the health care team

Critical Care Fellowship Benefits

  • Highly competitive salary and full-time employment benefits
  • Certificate of completion and continuing education units
  • Networking and job placement assistance upon completing the program
  • Mentorship in development of an evidence-based project (EBP), abstract/manuscript writing, national conference presentations and development of professional CV

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduation from an accredited acute care nurse practitioner program (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or National League for Nursing)
  • National board certification (American Nurses Credentialing Center or American Association of Critical-Care Nurses)
  • Maryland registered nurse (RN) license
  • Maryland certified registered nurse practitioner (CRNP) license
  • Must be able to work 40- to 60-hour weeks (including nights and weekends) in an unpredictable, fast-paced environment
  • Must attend all lectures, simulations and clinical rotations

How to Apply

  • Submit application, personal statement of interest and resume in March/April through the talent management system and after positions are posted.
  • A select number of applicants will be invited for a two-day in-person interview in April and informed of their acceptance by May.
  • Fellowship program start date will be determined based on the graduation dates of the chosen fellows (start dates will be between July and October).

Contact Us

For more information on the UMMC Nurse Practitioner Critical Care Fellowship, contact:


Brooke Andersen, DNP, CRNP
UMMC NP Critical Care Fellowship Program Director

Ann Matta, MSN, CRNP
UMMC NP Critical Care Fellowship Program Co-Coordinator

Shannon Gaasch, MSN, CRNP
UMMC NP Critical Care Fellowship Program Co-Coordinator

An accreditation badge from the American Nurses Credentaling Center that reads, "Accredited, practice transition program with disticntion. American Nurses Credentaling Center."