University of Maryland Medical Center's (UMMC) advanced practice providers (APPs) are in a unique position to make positive change within the healthcare system while practicing in a dynamic, challenging environment.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide exceptional patient care using our expert knowledge from both nursing and medical practice
  • Educate a broad range of patients, families and healthcare providers
  • Research best practice therapeutic and system-wide approaches to patient care and apply scientific findings to daily care


Compassion Treat all patients and staff with respect and value each other. Commit to respectful cooperation between disciplines.

Discovery — Mentor our novice and experienced APPs, as the success of all depends on the success of each. Pledge to provide safe, effective and evidence-based care to all patients.

Excellence — Guide the development of advanced practice care by leading discussions on scope of practice, organizational and system policies around the best use of our skill set in the delivery of competent, high quality patient care. Committing to orientation, collaboration, and socialization of our new providers to ensure longevity in their role.

Diversity — Celebrate diversity and recognize the commonalities that form the basis of advanced practice care.

Integrity — Invoke trust and fairness in our interactions with our patients and our multidisciplinary colleagues.